Karin is pleased to announce that the

2017 CSPWC Watercolour Symposium

is being held in Calgary, Alberta
August 19 to 24

There is an exciting line-up of instructors from across the country to inspire watercolour painters who want to immerse themselves in the medium for 5 days, share ideas, thoughts and camaraderie! Karin is part of it, taking participants to the mountains and the Leighton Centre for plein air painting!

For detailed information and to register online, please visit the website of the Canadian Society of Painters in Watercolour at


Watercolor - Workshop in a Bag #2

The Watercolor Workshop in a Bag now has a second lesson. For those artists who already have the bag with materials, this is a new subject matter: a Garden Scene where garden and floral elements are introduced.

CLICK HERE to purchase this instruction booklet.

Art in Canada, a Canadian Art Marketing Website is now showcasing Karin's work. Check her gallery at

Karin is pleased to announce that after a successful run for the benefit of Ducks Unlimited Canada in 2014, she is now able to sell her limited edition artist-proof Lithographs of her pastel painting QUIET BAY. The image is 12" x 24".
Please contact Karin for more information.

Quiet Bay 

Quiet Bay